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Jeni Wheeler and Molly Demeulenaere



The Family Table Collaborative (FTC) distributes prepared meals directly to individuals and families. FTC was created in March 2020 as a rapid response program to address the immediate needs of families and seniors that struggled with food security due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nutritional security on Cape Cod, however, is a full-time, year-round crisis. So far, we have prepared and distributed more than 94,000 meals, soups, and other food items for and into our community.

Our mission:

To end hunger and improve nutritional security on Cape Cod by breaking down the barriers of access to both prepared meals and education.



Our mission is to serve the entire Cape community and visitors to the area by offering instruction, entertainment, and exhibition in the visual, literary, and performing arts.

Programming at the Center includes art exhibitions in five galleries, five resident artist studios, a performance hall, a Culinary Arts Center, Recording Studio, Pottery Studio, Makerspace, and art classrooms.


The Center will host over 400 classes and about 90 concerts in 2022.

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